James Cameron’s TITANIC

書名:James Cameron’s TITANIC
作者:Kirkland, Douglas/ Marsh, Ed W./ Kirkland, Douglas


電影 TITANIC 拍片紀實,這部耗資三億巨額打造出時代的富裕以及模擬沉船,並集合愛情小說的背景,當時造成影史的轟動!

本書收錄約 175 張攝影現場的照片,導演製作本片的心路歷程;曾獲紐約時代銷售第一名的佳績!

Jack explores the opulent world of first class, waiting for Rose to emerge from her private suite. “I was naked in front of Leonardo DiCaprio on his first day of shooting,” confides Winslet. “It almost always happens that some of the most important scenes get shot at the very beginning when you’re still getting to know rach other” adds DiCaprio. “Kate is great. She had no shame with it. She wanted to break the ice a little bit beforehand so she flashed me. I wasn’t prepared for that so she had one up on me. It was pretty much comfortable after that.”

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